DTX (formerly known as “Detox The Kid”), a budding music superstar, was born, Trenton Hudson, on January 22, 1999. Raised in North Carolina, Detox’s childhood was filled with family vacations, video games, cartoons, and music. Out of them all, he applied most of his attention to listening to music. Overtime Detox’s love and devotion to music continued to grow which is at that point he began to perform his favorite songs, for his family, friends, and everyone he came in contact. He was doing all of this at the age of 8.

Growing up, he eventually began to think that performing other artist’s creations wasn’t enough. So he eventually tried his hand at making instrumentals and producing his own songs. Once he got the hang of that, he set out to learn how to engineer his own music. His artistic evolution also lead him to gain a reputation as a solid graphic artist with an eye for detail. Equipped with new skills and a refined purpose, Trent dove head first into the world of writing and producing songs, and has yet to look back.

His musical influences range from Kanye West and Daft Punk to the Gorillaz. To Detox, these musical talents have helped shape his very own musical style, while allowing him to explore the many depths of creative art.

During Detox’s senior year of High School, he went on his first official tour, which saw him perform several cities in Florida like Tampa Bay, Sarasota, Miami, Orlando, St. Pete, Bradenton, Brandon, and Clear Water. Even though he struggled a bit, trying to balance school and music, he ultimately triumphed and graduated from West Charlotte High School.

2017 saw Detox create his own genre of music called “Trapime,” where he merged his Anime influence, with his Rap influence, to make something new and fresh. Detox would go on to release notable collaborations with TT Audi of 808 Mafia and Metro Boomin, to name a few. Although Detox felt he had found his own unique lane, he did not think “Trapime” fully identified him and his brand. As all naturally talented creatives do, he let go of trying to define himself and decided to let his art do the job for him.

Now DTX (pronounced “Detox”) is set on a path to release some of his greatest hits to date. Powered by a new label and vision, DTX has no plans of letting up. With the release of “Too Late,” and the upcoming debut of his much-anticipated EP, DTX has fans salivating at the chance to enjoy new musical creations from him.